Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reoccurring Dream

I have several reoccurring dreams. I have a dream about a shopping mall right off the freeway. I could tell you what every store sells, where each shop is in the mall. What the Christmas decorations look like compared to the spring decorations. I have been dreaming about this particular mall for probably 2 years. I have variations of the dream of course, such as a driving dream that takes me to the mall in traffic. A while ago, I had a dream about running up the hill to the mall through the field. The field was snow covered and muddy and I was being chased. I have dreamed about being turned away for a movie there, at the theatre that is located in the middle of the lowest level.
A long time ago I had a friend with an interesting theory of dreams. She asked me if I was the hero or the victim. Hero or Victim? When you distill it down to only those two options, I would have to say that I am the Victim. The victim being chased, the victim who can't drive, the victim that can't find clothes that fit-even in my dreams. I hope it is not a reflection on the way I live my life. I am a take-charge person; maybe I just think I am, maybe I aspire to be, or remember myself being in a life lived long ago. For now, in my dreams I have the comfort of familiarity even if that comes with being the victim.

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