Monday, March 8, 2010


Ever notice how we wear the same thing over and over and then shop to buy new clothes and walk out of the store looking exactly like we did when we walked in, only poorer? I know I do this. I wear "mom jeans' and scoop- or v-neck t-shirts that are long or short sleeve and in black, white or cream, maybe pink or pale blue if I'm feeling frisky. You could set your watch by the way my husband dresses; t-shirt in black or navy, maybe grey and jeans.
I know we do this and am trying to combat the problem of our favorites being worn out. I rotate things as I wash them. That's right, I lift up the stack of undies and put the newly cleaned ones on the bottom. I push over the hung clothes in the closet and put the fresh ones out of easy reach. I rotate my husbands and daughters clothes more often than I do my own, usually once or twice a month. The other day I was putting away tank tops in my drawer and found at the bottom of the pile were three or four that I wore while I was prego and then for jammers later. (My daughter is three!) These are the most thread bare, stained, sad little tank tops you have ever seen. I should throw them out, but they are full of memories. Stupid tank tops that have been replace 3x over and I can't get rid of them. They were the first clothes I bought when I started getting BIG. How stupid to hold onto such a meaningless trinket. I guess this is how we become hoarders...I had better go throw those tank tops out right now!!

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