Monday, March 1, 2010

Get It!

The older I get the less I get. I don't get gangs or racism. I don't understand how or why people make the choices they make in life, whether it is what house to buy or what car to buy or what clothes to put on their body-there are some freaks out there who express themselves with clothing. I don't get anything that happens in government-local, national or even international. I don't get mothers and their children. I don't know how mothers can not teach their kid something-like using scissors properly-because they should learn the 'right way' at school. I don't get how that kind of lazy, scared state qualifies as parenting.
I don't get why good intentions become bad ideas. I have a great many good intentions and inevitably they turn into bad ideas as they play out. For instance, running...good idea right? Until you get two miles in and you have to pee...and you have shin splints....sports bra that moves...kid screaming in the it is a bad idea!

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