Monday, March 22, 2010

Bright Sun Shiney Day

It is beautiful outside, finally! I played in the garden with Kristin yesterday. I got to watch as she sat in the raised bed and scooped dirt all over herself with her toy shovel. (It took two washes to get it all out of her hair.) I listened as she sang songs and told me about Grandpa's Garden and all of the things they will grow together. I caught her looking up at the sun and smiling! She picked a piece of scrub brush and called it a flower and smelled it, then gave it to me to 'keep forever.' She is such a warm and loving and intelligent little girl, sometimes I forget to be thankful for her. I am so thankful she is here. Motherhood can be almost unbearable for me, but it can also give me perspective and help me to breath and enjoy the little things of life-with her.

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  1. Aaaaughh... she is so cute I can hardly stand it! :)