Wednesday, March 3, 2010

37 cents

My husband has been sick for about a week now. He went to the doctor last week with a $20 co-pay . He was given some cough syrup and an inhaler the for a prescription cost of about $47. These didn't help and he was forced to go back to the doctor a few days later. Another $20 co-pay and finally some antibiotics. Thankfully, he is now starting to feel much better. When he picked up the pills from the pharmacy he was shocked to see a cost of 37 cents. Yep, 37 cents-car change really. So, we spent $40 and more than 2 hours at the doctors office, and nearly $50 on other medicine, to get a prescription for 37 cents! That is the most expensive car change we have ever spent.
This is what is wrong with the health care system. If doctors listened more closely to their patients, and understood that men, like my husband, only go to the doctor when they are really sick, and most likely in need of strong medicine, we wouldn't be out of pocket $100, time and insurance premiums. $100 goes a long way to a college fund for my daughter, a new car fund for me, spending at local businesses to boost the economy, a rainy day fund so that my family will have some security in the future...but no, we will spend that money month after month and year after year to get a prescription for 37 cents.

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