Friday, March 12, 2010

God vs. Satan

My friend Pat speaks in terms of God and Satan. Everything she does is either because God wanted her to, or Satan lured her into it. For example: the other day she said, "God must not have wanted me to go to the play, because I came down with a cold." In reality, she should have said, "I shouldn't have been outside without a coat in the wind yesterday, because I got a cold today." She took all responsibility and placed it on God. A while ago she said, "Satan must have really been on me because I wasn't able to clean my house and go to the gym." Really...I think it might be her poor time management skills, and the fact that she doesn't keep as clean of house as she thinks she does.
This kind of God/Satan thinking has allowed Pat to live in limbo. If she fails, if she succeeds it is all because of God. She doesn't have to live with consequences-good or bad- because her God/Satan is in control. I feel sorry for her...I know if I get my house cleaned and make it to the gym, I like to be proud of myself for my follow-through and planning. If I do something stupid-which I do alot!-I know I have to live with the outcome. I did it, it is my fault.
What I find most fascinating about this is Pat comes from a religious background where God gives FREE AGENCY, and expects you to use it! As an outsider, I think she is missing the point. To me, free agency means that I chose-not God.

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