Thursday, February 11, 2010

Scraps of Paint

I tried to paint a picture yesterday while my daughter was having a nap. I learned that poster paint does not act the same way as really painters acrylic paint-I had better luck with the toll paint, in fact. If paint doesn't act the right way,it doesn't allow the feeling to come out. Needless to say, the painting in my head didn't come to fruition. I only get one go at things and I missed the window. It is so strange to me that I can see this painting so clearly one day and the next it is fading. The edges fuzz, the colors fade, the canvas gets soft...and it fades into abstract.
Sewing for me is more concrete. I can piece together a quilt in record time. There are definite steps in quilting. Cutting, block making, combine blocks, finish quilt. I love to see how a quilt develops. I kind of let the fabric speak to what I wants to be. I love going on the journey with the material. I love to see as scraps become strips and strips become panels and panels become finished and that can keep me warm. I know the proper way to quilt involves much measuring and planning, but I really like the idea of free-form quilting. I buy scraps of fabric, 1/4 yard or less at a time, just because they caught my eye as I walked by. Eventually I get enough to start cutting and creating. The colors usually mesh-it is the old 'Taco Principle.' Painting should be so easy.
I think painting frustrates me more than quilting, because I would really like to be a painter. I feel that anyone can learn to sew straight lines and created a quilt, but it takes a special talent to turn a white canvas into beauty. Maybe, my perspective just needs to change. Maybe I need to accept that painting may not be my thing, and possiblly quilting is?!?

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