Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This Too

This Too Shall Pass. My sister-in-law reminded me of this again yesterday when I was complaining about my daughters behavior. It is one of those phrases that gets thrown around willie-nillie. It is a good sentiment, and I agree-that nothing can last forever, and eventually things will work themselves out-but....in the moment-This Too Shall Not Pass Quickly Enough!
If life is lived to learn lessons, I may be learning disabled or possibly full fledged-retarded! Throughout my life thus far I have not learned TRUST, PATIENCE, or CALM. I have, however, learned how the get the school of hard knocks, which roads leads to the hard way, and what not to do! Humor, it seems, may be my only saving grace. My humor, though full of sarcasm and crass, does seem to level the playing field. If I can eventually laugh about it, I don't have nightmares about it and that, my friends, makes my life live-able.

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