Monday, May 24, 2010


My sister-in-law Sam gave me this award! This gift comes at a small price. I am now supposed to tell you 7 things you didn't know about me, here goes. (Sam you are torturing me!!!!)
1. I love the quite in the early morning, tucked into the covers, easing my way into consciousness. In this place between asleep and awake I can take stock of myself without any self-judgement. Once I totally wake up, it's a different story.
2. I eat only one or two meals any given day, possibly 1100 calories-I consume at least that many calories a day in Dr. Pepper.
3. When I grow up I want to be an Architect. If I hit the lotto tomorrow, I would still go to Architecture school.
4. I want to live in a world surrounded by lush, flowering greenery. My thumb-not very green-but I truly enjoy the struggle. The soil behind my fingernails makes me feel alive!
5. My mother is my best friend! Always has been, as far back as childhood and still now in my 30's my mother is the only person who I think 'gets' me.
6. I would someday like to be part of a commune. Not the hippy kind with free love and no showers, but a co-op with gardens and weaving and artists and unplugged music.
7. Finally, I bought luggage when I graduated from college in 2002, I planned to see the world. I have only used it once, to go to Vegas for job training.
Thank you Sam for including me in your blog-adventures. For any new comers: I hope you enjoy the quilted madness of my life!

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  1. Awesome!! I had no idea you were so into plants. I would live in the commune with you, I'd be known as the lazy one! :) You're very welcome my friend!! Love you!