Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sleeping on It

After sleeping on the progress I made with my Scrappy Fence yesterday, I realized that I don't want to make another table runner. In my home I only have one or two spots to put runners and I'm ready to move onto bigger things. I went back to the fabric pile and found more coordinating fabrics that will work with what I've started and I will be making a lap quilt instead of a runner.
This is all part of the process. It is the creative and problem-solving process that I love I love that I can come up with a solution to most fabric-related issues, I like the challenge of 'doing with what I have.' I like the simplicity of squares. The hum of the sewing machine has a calming effect on me...I need more clam in my life.
I need to find a way to calm my brain and tame my emotions and get over some things . Did you ever see the movie Dreamcatcher. The movie is based on a Stephen King novel. Anyway, the main character keeps all his memories in a circular storage warehouse. He envisions an actual warehouse where he can physically look at the pages of his life. He can file away new information and get rid of outdated thoughts. Wouldn't it be great if all our minds worked like that?!? I was told one time that all my baggage was neatly packed in purple suitcases ready to move with me. Maybe I should start thinking about renting a storage unit and unpack some emotional baggage so I don't have to carry it with me all the time. Maybe I should think about getting rid of some stuff-I don't think I need most of my 'bad childhood memories' file anymore. I wish...I wish I could throw all my luggage into a river and start a new life. Maybe reincarnation isn't such a bad idea after all-leave it to Stephen King to figure things out! (Oh yah, and all of the Buddists in the world)

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  1. I once heard that if you have lots of "stuff" that you don't really need anymore, but for whatever reason you can't let go of it, put it in a box and put it in a closet for a year. If at the end of the year you can't remember whats in the box, then throw it away. Maybe it would work for thoughts and experiences too?