Thursday, December 31, 2009


I ran a 5K for my 30th Birthday in August. It took 4 months to go from walking to running and from running a little, to running more than a little. Now four months later, I can barely run to the bathroom. This year for my birthday I am going to run a 10K.
I ran the 5K only loosing 15 pounds. No, let's be clear-I gained 9 pounds first, then lost those 9 pounds and 6 more. 15 pound is the difference between a size. 15 pounds is a huge difference to my personal self-worth. Running made me clear-headed for a few minutes a day. Running made me feel like I was accomplishing something. Running made me feel healthy. It surprises me that with such a huge mental impact, I can give it up. Stopping running comes gradually. Miss one day...miss two days, then the weather changes, then go to work. Before I knew it I hadn't run for a month...then the Holidays. I think that is how life works...Take your mind off the goal for one day-then 4 months later you wonder if it was all just a dream.

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  1. I thought about asking you about running the other day. Good thing I didn't. :) I probably would have said you were crazy if you were still running in this yucky weather. I never have understood that. BUT, I do want to learn to like running. I would LOVE a runners body.